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Regional Directorate for the Budget and the Treasur



Regional Directorate for the Budget and the Treasury


Article 10


The DROT is the service of operating character that integrates the cast of the dependent services of the Regional Secretary of the Presidency for the Finances and Planning, with attributions in the areas of the budget, regional public accounting, treasury, credit, insurances, patrimony and exchange operations.


Article 11


1 - In the service of its competences in the areas referred in the previous article, it competes to the DROT:

a)   To help and to support the Regional Secretary of the Presidency for the Finances and Planning in the definition, execution and attendance of the fiscal, budgetary, monetary, financial and exchange policies, according to the law;

b)   To secure and to coordinate a system of planning and control of those policies;

c)   To superintend in the regional public accounting and support the activity of several services and organisms which area of competence is connected with the DROT;

d)   To promote the preparation of the regional budget and to control its execution;

e)   To study and to propose prescriptive measures of organisation, simplification and standardisation of the services and organisms on the subject of regional public accounting, with sight to its development and articulation with the programs of the Regional Government;

f)    To accompany the bank and insuring activity of regional extent, according to the law;

g)   To accompany the management of the enterprises pertaining to the public sector established in the Region and to coordinate the politics of financial participations of the Region;

h)   To promote the preparation of regulations destined to put in execution legal diplomas aiming at the adaptation of the national fiscal system to the regional reality;

i)    To propose and to accompany the celebration of contracts of loan by part of the Region, as well as the incidences in the financial plan of the flows originating from abroad, namely the relative ones to foreign helps and investments in the Region;

j)    To control the financial operations that are effectuated by services under the bureau of the Region and by the enterprises of public right, of regional extent, which take the realization of those operations as a main object;

k)   To register and to superintend in the operations relative to the movements of funds of the Region with the outside;

l)    To instruct the processes of concession of personal guarantees by part of the Region, gathering of the competent departments the informations and elements necessary to their appreciation, as well as to secure the fulfilment of the emergent responsibilities of the given guarantees;

m) To secure the management and administration of the goods of the private domain of the Region, as well as to promote and to superintend in the acquisition, on any ground whatsoever, for the Region of real estate and livestock, as well as the acceptance of movable properties for free;

n)   To promote the alienation of movable property, real estates and livestock of the Region, the leasing of buildings for the installation of the services of the regional administration.

2 - The regional director for the Budget and the Treasury will be able to delegate in the respective leaders and chiefs some of his competences, according to the law.


Article 12


The DROT includes:

a) A Directorate of Services of Budget and Accounting (DSOC);

b) A Directorate of Financial Services (DSF);

c) A Directorate of Services of the Patrimony (DSP).


Constitutive Documents:

Regional Regulation Decree nº 18/2007/A, of the 18th of September

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