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1 - The IROA, S. A. has as objectives the services rendered in the area of the primary sector, namely:
a) To do studies of agrarian order;
b) To project, to plan and to execute works of agrarian order;
c) To develop and to promote the agrarian regrouping of lands, being able, for the effect, to acquire any real estate situated in the Autonomous Region of the Azores, establishing banks of lands, for redimensioning and subsequent sell;
d) To manage the Regional Agricultural Reserve, in the terms regulated in the legislation in force;
e) To manage programs of support to the restructuring of the primary sector, namely in the areas of the agriculture, cattle-raising and forestry, even if supported by the European Union.
2 - The IROA, S. A. can, also, explore the services and effectuate the civil and commercial operations connected, directly or indirectly, in the whole or in part, with its object or that are sensitive of making easy or favoring its realization.
3 - The IROA, S. A., can, still, participate in the constitution and acquire participations in societies of any nature and object, complementary groupings of enterprise and groupings of enterprises of economical interest.

Constitutive Documents:


Regional Legislative Decree nº 2/2007/a, of the 24th of January: It turns the Regional Institute of Agrarian Order into stock company of exclusively public capitals, starting to be designated by IROA, S.A.

Regional Legislative Decree nº 7/86/A, of the 25th of February

Regional Legislative Decree nº 28/86/A, of the 25th of November

Regional Legislative Decree nº 11/89/A, of the 27th of July

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